Project Description

ETF 600L

Technology and quality Made in Italy

Continuous extruder of shortbread mix with wire-cut attachment.

Roller dosing head

Testata a rulli

Model with 2 extrusion rollers EFT600 -L-2

Model with 4 extrusion rollers EFT600 -L-4

Coupling with make-up table

Coupling with tunnel oven


It can extrude one or more sheets of shorbread pastry which are transferred to a make-up table for further processing. It is equipped with a flour duster to facilitate the detachment of the product from the belt.
The continuous wire-cutting device is able to feed tunnel ovens up to 600 mm wide.

Data sheet

Model Tape dimensions Machine dimensions Weight Noise Power Volt Hz
ETF 600L2 620 mm 2310 x 1135 x 1828 h. 450 Kg <70 dB 1,1 kW 230/400 50/60
ETF 600L4 620 mm 2310 x 1135 x 1828 h. 485 Kg <70 dB 1,85 kW 230/400 50/60

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