Project Description

Gluten free bread products

Technology and quality Made in Italy


Bread products with gluten free flours

Standard accessories


Deposits bakery products made with gluten-free flours in different shapes, such as loaves, ciabatta, zoccoletti, round and long bun, breadsticks, pizza base and focaccia in a tray.
Depositing in bun pans for pizza, bread, hamburgers, etc …

Small details that makes big difference

Data sheet

Model Tray width N° of dosing outlets Machine dimensions Minimum access door size Weight Power Volt Hz
GFM B 400 400-460 mm 4 1000 x 1350 x 1460 h. 765 270 Kg 1,3 kW 230/400×3+T+N 50/60
GFM B 600 600-660 mm 6 1200 x 1350 x 1460 h.. 765 277 Kg 1,85 kW 230/400×3+T+N 50/60

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