Project Description

Gluten free bread products

Technology and quality Made in Italy


Machine for production of bread products with gluten free flour and dough hidratation up to 100%.

Standard accessories


It’s possible to produce different shapes such as loaves, ciabatta, zoccoletti, round and long bun, breadsticks, pizza base and focaccia in tray, baghel, donuts, depositing in bun pans for pizza, bread, hamburgers, etc …

Small details that makes big difference

Data sheet

Model Trays width No. of dosing outlets Machine dimensions Minimum access door size Weight Power Volt Hz
GFM TF 400 400-460 mm 6 1000 x 1350 x 1460 h. 846 295 Kg 1,3 kW 230/400×3+T+N 50/60
GFM TF 600 600-660 mm 9 1200 x 1350 x 1460 h.. 846 306 Kg 1,85 kW 230/400×3+T+N 50/60

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